About Jon Bombach

Jon first moved to Baltimore City to start his career over 20 years ago. The days were long, but Jon found a lot of satisfaction as a mechanic, and he never tired of solving problems. At the same time, Baltimore’s vibrant culture and charm quickly won him over, and he knew this city was home. But as he became more active and engaged with neighborhood issues he began to notice a troublesome pattern. In every neighborhood he lived in—from Seton Hill to Little Italy—people shared the same stories. Youth rec centers being shut down. Business owners facing stiff regulations. Basic services not being met. Jon could see large scale developments were being well funded and politically connected corporations were thriving, yet local communities struggled. Something wasn’t adding up.

The closer Jon studied the issues, the clearer it became why Baltimore was failing its citizens. Again and again, financial mismanagement was the root cause of many of the problems the city faced. Never one to back down from a tough problem, Jon resolved to one day fix the system and give Baltimore’s citizens the service they deserve. He returned to college, majoring in Financial Economics, where he developed his financial skills attacking complex social and economic problems with modern econometric techniques.

At work Jon’s strong leadership was recognized, and he was now managing a growing portfolio of projects. The same grit Jon had shown could fix any mechanical problem was now being used to build teams, fix problems, and improve operations. His higher education helped open doors in the financial industry and he transitioned to budgeting, forecasting, and analyzing assets. As a Capital Analyst, he led initiatives to streamline core business functions and maximize value with limited resources.

Today, Jon serves as a Financial Officer in the public sector managing a Billion dollar annual budget, focused on identifying and eliminating fraud, waste and abuse. He believes the only way we can rebuild our neighborhood and community is by bringing that same focus, problem solving, and leadership to the Office of the Comptroller.

Jon holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Financial Economics from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a Master’s of Science in Finance from the University of Baltimore. He is a distinguished member of the National Association of Business Economists, National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Baltimore Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society. He currently lives with his wife and son in the Pen Lucy community.


Why he’s running

Jon believes our small businesses and community based organizations are the foundation for a stronger and better functioning Baltimore. Instead of favoring politically connected developers he wants to level the playing field, helping our small business owners and local entrepreneurs.



Why Libertarian?

Our current two party system gives free reign to backroom dealings and political maneuvering. It also gives incumbents an unfair advantage. That is why they can continue to do nothing and disregard Baltimore’s citizens.

This lack of opposing views and new ideas add up. Each year we get diminishing returns and a City Hall which continues to under perform. Jon Bombach is not here to join the party — he’s here to fix the financial mess Baltimore faces.

What do Libertarians support?

  • Freedom of speech and press without government censorship or control
  • The right to own private property and to hold or depose of that property without governmental infringement
  • The right of consenting adults to decide their personal relationships and practices without government influence
  • A clean, healthy environment and sensible use of our natural resources by businesses, private property owners, and the government