Four years ago the citizens of Baltimore voted to hold City Hall accountable. To date, City Hall has delayed, made excuses and failed to deliver on the most basic of services and basic accounting of the City’s finances. As our City struggles to fund basic services, it’s business as usual at City Hall.

Closing Rec. Centers across the city

Residents of Baltimore Fumed over shuttered Recreation centers
Reuters, April, 2015

159 City Schools Personnel Laid off

City Council members shocked by schools deficit, plan hearings
The Baltimore Sun, February, 2015

Politics as usual leaves communities broken

Financial Neglect of Baltimore Neighborhoods
New Republic, May 2015



of Estimates

Want to know if your Comptroller has your best interest in mind? The decisions they make on the Board of Estimates tell you whether they are working on behalf of the people–or on behalf of multi-million dollar corporations. According to the Abell Foundation the majority of Baltimore City contracts have overruns, or worse, are completely untrackable.

The Board of Estimates record speaks for itself, City Hall continues to make deals that have negative consequences for its citizens. One such example, One Harbor East Development, valued at $155 Million, “…pays just $1 a year in lieu of property taxes for 25 years”. This will cost city schools $1.4 Million in funding next year. Does this sound like someone who is safeguarding your hard earned money?  (Baltimore Sun)

The Opacity Problem

Follow the Money: Tracking city contract payments impossible

Baltimore City Paper, November 2015

Transparency and Accountability

The root cause of Baltimore’s murky finances is the lack of a modern financial reporting system. As unbelievable as it may sound,  our City runs nearly a $2.4 Billion budget with no system of checks and balances. The current outdated system allows the financial smoke and mirrors to continue.

Where is the money going?

Audit: Baltimore transportation department doesn’t keep records, puts bad info in city’s budget

Baltimore Sun December 2015


No more closed doors

As a taxpayer and citizen of Baltimore you deserve better. You have the right to know where your tax dollars are going. Regular comprehensive audits are the first step in ensuring your hard earned dollars are being spent where you want them to be spent.

Put people first

It’s time everyone gets a place at the table. Missed in these subsidies are the funds robbed from communities that desperately need them the most. While regular hardworking Baltimoreans and local businesses struggle, the Board of Estimates continues to award contracts to politically connected individuals.

As your public servant, I promise the Board of Estimates will stop accepting anymore deals that sell out our communities. I will focus on helping Baltimore City residents. Smart growth is inclusive growth, and I don’t want to see any of us left behind.

Join the new millenium

Transparency is a core requirement. As Comptroller I will disclose financial reporting online for public scrutiny and modernize our process by updating, digitizing, and automating our financial management system.